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Veterancy guide

On this page, you will find the veterancy schemes for the Legendary (gold) and Epic (purple) units, basically the strongest ones in the game.

What you will find in this section is not the absolute truth, but what is the advice of some of our best warriors.

We would like to thank MedicoGow and SirMadris for their advice.

Legendary Infantry

Dynastic Guards
Elite Iron Reapers
Elite Silahdars

Elite Shieldmaidens

Epic Infantry

Elite Palace Guards
Elite Halberdier Sergeants
This configuration is indicated for the Territory War, for the Siege Battle you can also use the opposite configuration
Fortebraccio's Elites
Elite Imperial Pikemen
The configuration with the high branch as the main one is also very good, but you have to use them very well because they become oneshot.
Elite Azaps

It is possible to go with the bottom branch but they become a flanking unit

Linwu Veterans
Elite Berserkers
Elite Symmachean Stalwarts
Elite Symmachean Paladins
Elite Axe Raiders

Legendary Ranged

Imperial Grenadiers
Elite Falconetti Gunners
Elite Pavise Crossbowmen
Elite Siphonarioi
Elite Tercio Arquebusiers

Legendary Cavalry

Elite Imperial Arquebusiers
Elite Kriegsrat Fusiliers
Elite Longbowmen
Elite Cataphract Lancers
coming soon

Epic Cavalry

Armiger Lancers