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  1. The Tempestanoctis House (once Noble House Tempestanoctis) is a game group that was born as a Noble House structure, but that is transformed over time merging and identifying with another House named “MedievalEmpire”. After the fusion the whole House took the name of “Tempestanoctis” joining people of various backgrounds and extractions. The Tempestanoctis House is located in the game “Conqueror’s Blade”. The purpose is only one: to have fun without anxiety. There are no particular obligations, but presence in conjunction with important events for the House is appreciated.
  2. The head of the House Tempestanoctis is Flaming, the General.
  3. The predominant hierarchy in Tempestanoctis today is the military one, which is identified with some specific roles: General (unique), First Colonel (unique), Colonels, Commanders, Knights of the Storm, Jurors and Diplomats.
  4. The admission of a new player into the household can be decided by a commander or higher rank. In any case, if a new player does not present himself in the vocal channel within 3 days, he will be expelled from the House.
  5. Upon admission each member is a Juror.
  6. Recognition (promotion) to Knight of the Storm is by decision of the General or by proposal of the Colonels or the Ancient Legacy, but always with confirmation of the General or his Delegate.
  7. Any promotion to First Colonel, Colonel, Commander or Diplomat is the prerogative of the General.
  8. Within the game the special office “Seneschal” is entrusted to the choice of the General and usually linked to the command during the Territory Wars.


  1. Each member is required to follow the General’s directives at all times.
  2. During the Territory Wars each member must follow the directives of the Commanders, Colonels and the General.
  3. It is forbidden to speak on behalf of the House if one is not a Diplomat.
  4. It is forbidden to spread information about the House outside the same except what is strictly necessary to recruit new members.
  5. It is obligatory to be respectful of every member of the House regardless of the task.
  6. Let’s have fun together!


General: the head of the House, has all decision-making power, admission, exclusion, command.
First Colonel: the General’s deputy, takes his place in his absence. In his presence the First Colonel has the same prerogatives of a normal Colonel. There may also be no First Colonel.
Colonels: the second in command appointed by the General. They have the same duties and honors, but under the General.
Commanders: those who exercise command over the members of the household in combat. They usually have specific directives or have specific objectives.
Knights of the Storm: the chosen members of the House become “Knights of the Storm”. It is also recognized as a noble honor (see appropriate chapter).
Knights of Quest: those who have been Knights of the Storm, but have now left on their personal quest and are no longer present in the activities of the House become “Knights of Quest”. Awaiting their return.
Jurors: the members of the House. The name comes from the fact that each member swears an oath to the House.
Diplomats: those who can speak on behalf of the House with external members. Colonels and Generals are automatically diplomats.

The important rules for the Tempestanoctis House are finished. If you want to add a pinch of role to the whole read further!



The rules for the operation of the House are already finished, no need to read further. But if you want to add something to the game, there is also another reality within the House that is the recognition of a noble status (in line with the era proposed by the game) that in fact does not determine anything relevant to the conduct of the game itself, but is pure “role” with some curiosity. As a rule, nobility is awarded to the oldest and most recognized members of the Tempestanoctis community.
Nobilities are not recognized as roles in the channel, but only as a “symbol displayed with the username”.
Below are the features.


The Honors of the Storm are for all intents and purposes an internal nobility structure in Tempestanoctis that describes the membership, constancy, and loyalty of a member of the House, and basicly, although the Honors are newer than the Ancient Legacy, they are often considered more because they are tied to specific initiatives.
The first rule of the Honors is that their base is represented by the “Knights of the Storm”. Jurors can only access Sword Honors (and only if provided for).
The nobilities of the Honors are divided into:
– Land
– Sword


Land Honors are tied to achievements made throughout the Territory Wars and serve as an internal recognition for service to the House. Therefore the number of titles available depends on the number of conquests made. It follows that the more time passes, the more titles will be available.
Available titles may be:
– Baron of “village”
– Viscounty of “village”
– Count of “city” and “fortress”
– Duke of “capital”.
To know the existing titles look at the “Noble Roll”.

The rules for Land Honors are:
1. Each title is conferred by the General although any member of the Honors may propose a nomination, but never for himself.
2. Each title is perpetual except for reasons of treason or abandonment.
3. In the case of the conquest of 3 contiguous villages a Viscounty will be generated and not 3 baronies. The Viscounty is regarded as a barony, but clearly more prestigious

Each Title of the Honors of Land is intended as a recognition of seniority and service rendered.


The Sword Honors represent recognition of valor in combat and initiatives organized within the House.
The main characteristic of the Honors of Sword is that they are temporary titles.

The existing titles are
– Thunder Knight
Conditions: winner of the Dueling Tournament
Duration: until the next tournament
Accessible to Jurors: yes
– Golden Lightning
Conditions: second and third place Duels Tournament
Duration: until the next tournament
Accessible to Jurors: yes

The Tempest Honors are closely related to the structure of the Tempestanoctis House. In fact they are interconnected with the main hierarchy, but do not change its nature in any way.


This rule applies to Earth Honours only. In addition to the basic noble rule, it is possible for every title holder to have access to a title conversion procedure. Titles that are normally generated by Household conquests are called Natural Titles. As per the ordinary rules, the scale of titles is Barony – County – Duchy. For those who hold 2 natural titles, excluding Duchies, it is possible to convert one of their titles to the higher level by relinquishing the second. For example, a Baron of X and Baron of Y may decide to lose the second barony, assuming the title Count of X. The lost title is no longer counted among those available until it becomes one again due to the normal conquests of the lineage. The title obtained is a converted title. Converted titles cannot be used to obtain further converted titles.


The first members of the “Noble House Tempestanoctis” came from the territories of Ostaria. At that time the House was purely tied to the noble heritage of its members. With the migration to the south and the fusion with “Medieval Empire”, the Noble House was transformed into the current Tempestanoctis. However, when Duke Keridan decided to kneel down to the one who later became General Flaming, he asked to keep his traditions and his worthy belonging to the ancient noble house.
Thus, within the House of Tempestanoctis there are members who, based on their past experience and membership, are part of what is now known as the “Ancient Heritage” or more precisely “Nobility of Ostaria”.
A noble recognition is forever, except for reasons of treason, and never transferable as such.

The hierarchy of the Nobility of Ostaria is:
– Duke (unique)
– Count (Noble)
– Baron (Noble)
– Sir (Knight)
The rules of the Nobility of Ostaria are:

  1. The Duke is the founder of the ancient Noble House and is Keridan.
  2. Any advancement in the noble ladder can be decided by the Duke, but not even he can appoint another Duke.
  3. Admission to the Nobility of Ostaria is possible only from the title of “Lord” and is possible by decision of the Duke or the majority of the Nobles. The Duke has however the right of veto.
  4. The advancement of a Lord to Baron or from Baron to Count can be voted by the Nobles. The Duke can veto it, but if the Nobles are unanimous, the Duke’s veto is not valid either.
  5. Every title is perennial.

The Nobility of Ostaria is also called “landless” therefore the noble titles have no geographical indication on the map. They are also called “Titles of Teutatis” in reference to a world that no longer exists (Server EU3-Teutatis) and from this they take part of the symbolism.

The Nobility of Ostaria also makes use of specific appellations. Every Knight is a “Sir” and every Noble is a “Lord”. The Duke is considered a “Lord”. These appellations can be added to the name in the channel.

The only privilege of the Ancient Legacy is to be able to propose an elevation to the rank of “Knight of the Storm” (see “Honors of the Storm”) of a member of the House, but such a proposal is not binding on the decision.


The Noble Assembly is the gathering of all noble titles of the House except for the Honors of the Sword.
Therefore, the Assembly is made up of the totality of the Honours of Land and the Nobility of Ostaria.
The prerogative of the Nobiliary Assembly is to regulate, define and modify everything that is the structure of the Nobility of Tempestanoctis.
The Nobility of Tempestanoctis is the set of personal statuses granted to certain Knights of the Storm who have demonstrated attachment, loyalty and commitment to the House. The primary structure of the Nobility is defined by the pre-existing situation and tradition. Therefore, the Noble Assembly acts on the existing and modifies and improves it, if necessary, in an atmosphere of respect for tradition. The Assembly has no authority over appointments which, by rule, are the prerogative of the General (for the Storm Honors) and the Duke of Ostaria (for the Nobility of Ostaria). These two figures have veto power over the decisions of the Nobiliary Assembly, each within their own sphere.


The Nobiliary Council is the assembly of the Counts, Dukes and the General of Tempestanoctis regardless of the type of Nobility you belong to. The Nobiliary Council is a body that conventionally intervenes in case a decision of the Nobiliary Assembly is stalled due to the veto power of the Nobles who have the power. The Nobiliary Council attempts to resolve the stalemate if possible. The Council is like the Assembly, just narrower. The Nobiliary Council can also meet freely to replace the Assembly, but this is not common usage.