Alexander: the Great

The Household

Fortis cadere, cedere non potest
The strong man can fall, not yield
The House welcomes warriors from the EU2 Server (Sicania) of the game Conqueror's Blade (for PC).
We are also present with our garrison house in EU1 (Crystal Sea) where, however, activities take place on a reduced scale.

Tempestanoctis is a group of warriors who have in common the desire to play together in a competitive way, but always giving priority to fun.
In Tempestanoctis we don't ask you to turn the game into a job, but to be there to the best of your ability: we are sure that it is more important, first of all, to give players a peaceful home where they can have fun and not stress, and that the real results are obtained with perseverance and fun, more than with the obsessive desire to emerge now.
We are always looking for warriors to add to our ranks, whether they are veterans of a thousand battles or willing recruits, as long as they are willing to share an ambitious project.
After two years of activity, Tempestanoctis is a well-known and respected household, which has always obtained results and has grown, regularly, to count dozens of active players.
Come to our Discord, download the game and join our project.
Gaming can be healthy and can be satisfying, if we want it!


Conqueror’s Blade (CB) is a free-to-play PC video game, downloadable from Steam or directly from Poros, based on medieval massive battles.
It has strong components of skill and tactics on the field as well as wide-ranging strategy elements.
Conqueror’s Blade catapults the player into a fantasy world with a setting inspired by various real-world areas (such as China, Europe, etc.) and puts him in the shoes of a hero.
Everyone chooses the weapon he prefers and, as the main feature, he hires more and more competitive and characteristic troops, with which he assembles his own retinue.
In battle each one deploys his own hero, with one of his units, chosen among those of his personal army.
During each Season, the Houses confront each other twice a week in the Territory War, where strategy and teamwork are the main components: on the battlefield, among assaults on villages and cities, the Houses gain territories, honors and noble titles to be assigned to their members.
What are you waiting for, fight at our side!