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Household Motto

Birth of the motto

The motto of the lineage ‘Fortis cadere, cedere non potest’ was first pronounced in February 2021, immediately after the merger between the Noble House Tempestanoctis and Medieval Empire.

Meaning of the motto

The motto, having medieval origins, is intended to mean: ‘The strong man may fall, but not yield’. Scholars of the lineage later noticed a syntactical error, i.e. an incorrect arrangement of words within the sentence, since, in classical Latin, the sentence should have read: ‘Fortis cadere potest, non cedere’.

Interpretation of the motto

Looking more specifically at the meaning of the motto, a number of considerations can be made. Usually one would think that he who falls, yields. But in reality this is not the case, because one can fall precisely in order not to surrender something: one can die fighting without surrendering one’s freedom or dignity to the enemy; one can be defeated in battle but not lose the war. The difference between falling and yielding is not just a vowel, but a point of view: only those who feel defeated and see only the negative side of having lost have truly yielded something. For even from one’s mistakes one can learn, even in general defeat there can actually be an improvement. Since it is a cruel world, a warrior must understand that there will never be a victory that is not punctuated by a myriad of prior defeats. The really important thing is not to let adversity bring you down, to continue on your path, in order to still be able to achieve your goals.

Applying the motto

Having reasoned out the true meaning of the motto, it must be considered as perfectly fitting for Tempestanoctis. Indeed, the reader must consider that originally the Noble House Tempestanoctis had a handful of die-hard warriors, who despite setbacks and defeats never gave up, so much so that they managed to convince the greatest House of Medieval Empire to merge, only to succeed in preserving the name and undoubtedly also the warrior heritage.

It should also be noted that the House, even after the merger, consisted of less than ten fighters. Hence, the motto appears decisively representative of that original nucleus, which tenaciously managed to withstand the pitfalls of war and the discouragement of the greatest lineages around, aiming with determination to increase the power and influence of the House.

Adherence to the motto was also amply demonstrated during the Territorial Wars: against all odds, the House managed to hold a village with only four players, despite repeated assaults by much larger Houses; against all hope, the House managed to conquer and hold Fort Ilhov for a long time, and was approached to take part in very important wars against or in defence of large cities. Just like its motto, the Stormtroopers may have fallen several times in the history of the game, but they never gave up in the face of difficulty or in the face of the enemy.

If you ever decide to join the House, remember also not to give in in the face of defeat, for indeed ‘the strong man may fall, but not give in’.