Welcome Anliang! – Server fusion EU1+EU6

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Welcome Anliang! – Server fusion EU1+EU6

It’s done.
Announced on 3 March 2022, the union between the EU1 (Crystal Sea) and EU6 (Anliang) servers is complete. From now on, players from both servers will be in EU1 and will be able to share the open world, markets and everything that goes with it.
Not least, however, they will share the Territory War which will be intensified by the concentration of active players and, above all, by the presence of new Houses. Are they going to change (and rebalance?) the Territory Wars?

What our expert analysts expect is that large alliances will have more difficulty conquering large sections of territory as they did in the previous season. In addition, it is expected that many small houses are going to close, adding players to the ranks of the existing and more solid houses. On the other hand, there are different opinions on the possible fate of the great houses/alliances. For someone, a further “growing” is foreseen, on the other side, it is assumed that Gargantuan structures cannot withstand further growth that means we are going to see more houses on the map. A final prediction is that life will be very hard for the cohorts, who may suffer a lot in Season XI.

And you? What do you think about it?

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