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Household History

Before the current Tempestanoctis House was born, Italians were mostly solo players or part of international alliances. With time, however, they managed to carve out a place for themselves in the history of Crystal Sea, through the Houses called Legione Romana and Medieval Empire. With the fusion of the Noble House Tempestanoctis, coming from the now uninhabited lands of Teutatis, with Medieval Empire, and the subsequent reorganization of the same, was born the current House, which was first in contrast with Legione Romana, but then host many members. Below is the essential chronology of the most important events of today’s House, preceded by a summary of historical antecedents.

Pre-founding period

The pre-founding period includes the years that preceded the foundation of the current Tempetanoctis House, within the limits that interest us. As you can see, the Italians were divided into various Houses, sometimes even in contrast to each other. The following are the salient events:

  • ca 2017: was founded the Legiona Romana House, formed by only Italians.
  • ca 2018: the House of Medieval Empire was founded, composed only of Italians, led by Aragon.
  • April 2020: Lord Keridan and his followers founded the Noble House Tempestanoctis in Teutatis. Due to the small number of members, the Noble House fought as a mercenary company in various sieges and pitched battles, but could not claim fiefs during the Territorial Wars.
  • November 18, 2020: the Medieval Empire House, still led by Aragon, proposed to the Noble House Tempestanoctis, moved to Crystal Sea, to merge with it.
  • November 20, 2020: the Noble House Tempestanoctis agreed to join Medieval Empire.
  • December 2020: Aragon left the leadership of Medieval Empire and Flaming became Regent of the House.
  • January 10, 2021: Flaming officially became the Commander of the House, taking the title of General. On this occasion he chose as his close associates Keridan, Kandinskji and Osac.
  • January 2021: in order to increase the power of the House, the doors were opened to the internationals, organized in a Division. The access were satisfactory and Medieval Empire seemed destined to grow, when suddenly many Italians left Crystal Sea, becoming the first wandering warriors of the House.
  • 01 February 2021: at the request of Keridan, General Flaming proposed to change the name of the House Medieval Empire in Tempestanoctis, and to change the statute and then the organization and internal functioning.
  • 04 – 05 February 2021: the International Rebellion took place, as the change of name and statute was opposed by the international division, which even went so far as to recruit peasants and commoners just to increase their decision-making power. Discovered their vile intent, the legal situation is restored by the heads of the House.
  • February 06, 2021: the Re-founding of the House and the International Schism took place; given the favorable assent of the majority at the end of the vote, Medieval Empire definitely changed its name to Tempestanoctis; the internationals, still in disagreement with the choice, then decided to split from the House and found another, soon dissolved for inactivity. Thus began the history of the House of Tempestanoctis.

Foundation Period

The period of the foundation starts from the day in which Medieval Empire changed name and organization, losing the last international components, up to the first conquest and holding of a fief at the end of a season of war:

  • February 06, 2021: Foundation Day of the Tempestanoctis Household. The Stormtroopers, now only Italian following the International Schism, confirmed Flaming as head of the House, giving him the title of General, assisted by First Colonel Keridan and other colonels chosen by the general (the so-called Military Hierarchy of the House). The members of the House were then distinguished in Jurors (at the first step of the organizational hierarchy), Knights of the Storm (only they can then access the Honors) and Commanders. With diplomatic functions were also established Diplomats, whose office can be combined with the above-mentioned degrees. On that occasion the Statute and the Regulations were approved and the Honors were instituted, initially limited to the Honors of the Storm, linked to a fief (now corresponding to the Honors of Land); at the request of Lord Keridan were also recognized the titles of Teutatis, also called titles of the Ancient Heritage, as they referred to a land, that of Teutatis, now become uninhabitable. It was established that the Old Legacy was recognized automatically to the members of the previous Noble House Tempestanoctis, with the possibility of new conferment by the Duke Keridan, for exceptional merits and respect for the ancient tradition.
  • ca 9 February 2021: Osac designed the coat of arms of the House, a castle in flames on a dark blue background, the shield flanked by a golden red phoenix.
  • ca 10 February 2021: were introduced the Honors of the Sword, included within the Honors of the Storm, awarded to the three best fighters of a Tournament of the Storm, celebrated monthly. In particular, the title of Knight of Thunder was given to the first classified, while the titles of Golden Lightning were given to the second and third classified. The feudal titles were renamed for the occasion “Land Honors”, intended as a subcategory of the “Storm Honors”.
  • ca 12 February 2021: the Motto of the House was pronounced for the first time: “Fortis cadere, cedere non potest”.
  • March 16, 2021: with the beginning of the Seventh Season of War, the House moved its headquarters to the region of Anadolou, being able to gather a sufficient number of warriors to participate in the Territorial Wars.
  • April 13, 2021: there was the capture of Pulchra. Taking advantage of the favorable moment, the House succeeded in conquering the village of Pulchra, then resisting the next assault of hostile alliances and cohorts. The outnumbered Tempestanotturni barricaded themselves in the center of the village, finally driving back the enemy. Although the village was then lost, the heads of the House later decided to appoint Alysane Baroness of Pulchra, for the martial virtues demonstrated on that occasion.
  • May 2021: in this period the House lived ups and downs, but managed to conquer and hold for some time the village of Tsasclis, later assigned to Gala.
  • June 2021: at the end of the Seventh War Season, the House suffered from the reduced number of warriors, so it could not make major conquests. However, the Stormtroopers managed to conquer and hold the village of Gratiana until the end of hostilities, marking a turning point in their history. Gratiana was later assigned to Drymur.
  • ca June 25, 2021: to honor the companions left for other lands, the House established the Knighthood of the Search. They were awarded the Honors of Land and discussed ways to increase the geopolitical power of the House. At the end of the month it was decided to broaden the horizons of the House through alliances with other Houses. Thus ended the Foundation Period.

Alliance Period

The alliance period began when the House decided to found and lead the Exiliens Alliance, composed of other friendly Houses, in order to have more military power in the war seasons, the period ended when the alliance led by the Stormtroopers was dissolved:

  • July 2021: the House founded the Alliance Exiliens. The name was proposed by the Diplomat Quagliox. The first House to join was the Nara House, composed by a group of warriors met in battle in the previous war season. Thanks to this collaboration many villages were conquered and divided. However, the expansion did not bring only benefits, as the oldest house Legione Romana had strong frictions with the Stormtroopers, related to the inevitable rivalry of nationalistic basis.
  • August 2021: the Rackelhahn Household entered Exiliens, increasing the offensive power of the Alliance, but also its political instability. The Rackelhahns in fact were organized in a theocratic way and led by an unspecified animal deity, known as the “Holy Chicken”, which manifested its will to His Holiness Karl, leader of the house. However, in the early days they had good relations and excellent results, although the House began to lose staff. During the Eighth War Season, many villages in the Liangyun region and later in the Borderlands were taken.
  • 1 September 2021: the New Order House takes the place of the Nara House in the Exiliens Alliance. The zenith of the Alliance’s power is reached.
  • September 2021: at the end of the Eighth Season of War began the first difficulties in communication between members of Exiliens. Having become part of a large coalition of alliances, Exiliens had to meet the directives of the coalition leaders. At first the results were excellent, with the conquest of six villages in the Borderlands region.
  • September 14, 2021: the grand coalition of which Exiliens was a part gave directives to all its members, assigning Exiliens the conquest of the villages east of the Borderlands. However, the House moved to the west of the same region, conquering three villages, in what was called “the Descent of the Storm”.
  • September 17, 2021: the great coalition of which Exiliens was a part presented its conquest plans for the last period of the war, ignoring the minor alliances. Despite protests, Exiliens was not considered by the other major alliances. It was so that the Sacred Chicken of the Rackelhahn ordered the vicar Karl to occupy every settlement that appeared in their path (the so-called Night of the Call).
  • 18 September 2021: The Call of the Holy Chicken led the Rackelhahn to occupy settlements that had been assigned by the Grand Coalition to other friendly alliances. In particular, the conquest of Occator by the theocratic Rackelhahn displeased Clan Bersekers, who waged war against the entire Exiliens alliance, to no avail the ambassadorships of the Stormtroopers. Further bad luck that the possessions of Tempestanoctis were bordering with the Berserkes. During the terrible Night of the Call, Exiliens was driven out of the previously occupied settlements. The Stormtroopers strenuously defended their positions, but the power of the Bersekers was irresistible, so began the Eastern Retreat, which brought the Stormtroopers in the region of Liangyun, where they managed, with a masterful attack, to occupy the village of Caolai until the end of the war season.
  • October 2021: at the end of the Ninth War Season the Exiliens alliance lost the Houses of New Order and Rackelhahn. With the start of the new season Exiliens joined the coalition led by the Runenkrieger House, the Great Storm Coalition, moving the base camp to the Ostaria region.
  • November 2021: The small number of active members complicated military operations in Ostaria. The coalition then moved the House’s operations to the Longting region, to the far east of Ostaria, where the House prospered, managing to conquer several villages and where the camaraderie between members was strengthened.
  • December 12, 2021: The war season ended with the control of two possessions, the villages of Fengzhu and Luyin.
  • December 2021: In the lull of the wars, the House was enriched with new members, often veterans of many battles.
  • January 2022: at the beginning of the new war season many battles were fought together with the Uprising alliance and continued collaboration in the Great Storm Coalition, led by Runenkrieger, Exiliens remains composed of the House alone. There were also several accessions that strengthened the House. Then there were disagreements with the Legione Romana, which even led to armed conflict.
  • January 28, 2022: Dissolution of Exiliens, decided by the leadership of the House for reasons of convenience. The House entered the Alliance Saintete, chaired by the Ordre de Saint Pol and also consisting of the House of the Real Warriors. This date marked the end of the period of the alliance and the beginning of the contemporary period.

Contemporary period

The contemporary period begins with the dissolution of the Exiliens alliance and the entry into the Saintete alliance, continues with the conquest and defense of Ilhov and the end of the Tenth Season of War, and continues until a significant event will have a profound effect on the history of the House:

  • January 28, 2022: With the dissolution of Exiliens and entry into the Saintete alliance, the contemporary period begins.
  • February 01, 2022: Conquest of Fort Ilhov. After many ups and downs Tempestanoctis manages to snatch the fort from the hands of the previous allies Rackelhahn.
  • February 05, 2022: the Rackelhahn undermine Fort Ilhov, but the Tempestanoctis manage to repel the besiegers. Participation in military operations is very high, so much so that it exceeds any other precedent in the history of the House.
  • February 08, 2022: the Siege of Ilhov continues.
  • February 12, 2022: The Siege of Ilhov is temporarily interrupted, with a counterattack on the Rackelhahn headquarters, which does not give in for a few seconds.
  • February 15, 2022: Fall of Fort Ilhov. With assistance from other allies, the Rackelhahns manage to occupy and hold the fort.
  • February 19, 2022: The Great Storm Coalition is attacked in Ostaria, specifically by the fierce Freedom alliance. The Stormtroopers defend the city of Qin Pin from the Ordre de Sant Pol, while the Real Warriors recapture Fort Ilhov, despite the expressed desire of the House leadership to repossess it. The House concentrates on the conquest of the surrounding areas and seven villages are taken. Is then attempted the conquest of Occator, fallen under the clutches of Rackelhahn, while Augolia resists the siege of Freedom.
  • February 22, 2022: the alliance led by the House of Pusula attacks the alliance of Forgotten Winters, allies of the Saintete, so Tempestanoctis rushes to the aid of allies. The attackers are repelled and later diplomacy, or threats from the Great Storm Coalition, lead to a non-belligerency agreement with the Pusula.
  • February 23, 2022: the House historical and annalistic project begins, designed to keep alive the memory of Tempestanoctis’ most significant exploits and events.
  • February 26, 2022: on the last day of the Tenth Season of War, the House limits itself to defending its own and allies’ possessions, ending the conflict with numerous possessions.
  • March 1, 2022: the Tournament of the Storm is organized, won by Medico, flanked by Draconos and Quagliox.